Zero Mile Presents:

Roadkill Ghost Choir

With Neighbor Lady, Curt Castle

Thursday, November 30
8:00PM doors / 9:00PM show
18 and Over
  • Price$10.00 - $12.00

Roadkill Ghost Choir

It’s been two years since Roadkill Ghost Choir has taken listeners on a ride. Last trip, brothers Andrew and Zach Shepard packed the car with high aspirations, a top-notch crew of musicians and the profound swelter of the South. With the upcoming arrival of False Youth Etcetera, the brothers have outgrown their roots in a supersonic fashion – exchanging their broken-down vehicles for an electrified magic carpet ride that soars through the night sky. Amidst the surprise success of the band’s first record, primary songwriter Andrew was hardened by his experiences on the road, and under pressure to deliver new songs that outshined previous releases. It’s no surprise False Youth Etcetera feels like a turn towards the fantastical, an anthemic escape compared to past output. It’s immediately felt on the band’s first single, “Classics (Die Young),” which bends beautifully and purposefully in the direction of synth-pop, and sets the tone for the entire record. “Going into [the band’s first major release] In Tongues, I was terrified because I had never written under such a time crunch, and I struggled with writer’s block,” notes Shepard. “For False Youth Etcetera, it ended up being the first time I didn’t have a timeline. I was able to navigate what I really wanted to do musically and lyrically. This record is more textural, with more synth and more interesting experimentation within our sound and genre.” Shepard is pointed in the departure from their familiar Americana sound, confirming “there is no banjo” on False Youth Etcetera. This desire to explore new musical terrain was only bolstered by Shepard’s adoration for similar sonic explorations and artists transcending their genre to create a unique sound – rooted in influences such as The War On Drugs, Neu! and Bruce Springsteen. The result is an album that clearly and beautifully delivers the group to a whole new infectious, cosmic terrain.

Neighbor Lady

Curt Castle

The music of Curt Castle wears its humanity on its sleeve. The sonic landscape is built on dynamic instrumental arrangements inspired by Harry Nilsson, draped with a cloak of synthetic sound somewhat reminiscent of Thomas Dolby's production work, and occasionally sprinkled with electric guitarmony, but the emotional availability of the lyrics and their catchy melodies are consistently the main engine of the songs. In the words of Curt and the whole band: "This is a band of real human people that plays a bunch of songs that have come out of being alone, singing and shouting things into the air around us. We're working on our first album of those songs. We hope at least one of them means something to you and helps you feel connected to a world that may seem increasingly confusing ♥." Photo Credit: Rosie Egle