The Bowery & Zero Mile Presents


With Rose Hotel, Glove

Friday, April 6
8:00PM doors / 9:00PM show
18 and Over
  • Price$8.00 - $10.00


MATTIEL BIO An ad designer, illustrator, and set builder, Mattiel enjoys testing her strength in new and unknown territories. She was born an only child in Georgia and grew up working on her mother’s farm. This rural, isolated space gave her room to grow and experiment with a wide range of interests. As an adolescent, she found refuge in her mother’s limited record collection, which included several albums by Donovan, Peter Paul and Mary, and The Monkees. After moving to Atlanta, Mattiel developed a palette for more diverse musical interests. She developed her vocal style over the course of several years - often alone in her car on long drives to work. She ventured into songwriting after meeting Randy Michael and Jonah Swilley in 2014. Mattiel took what she knew about constructing visual design and applied that methodology to writing music. As the group began producing more material, a full length album was written and recorded in a span of nine months (not unlike the gestation period of a human baby.) Their process was simple: Michael and Swilley supplied instrumental compositions and handed them over to Mattiel for lyrical content and melodies. Her influences include Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Andre 3000, Marc Bolan, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, The Staple Singers and Jack White among many others. This year, Mattiel struck a friendship with Burger Records, and her debut album is set to hit shelves and turntables this fall.

Rose Hotel

BIO Rose Hotel began simply. It was the phrase on the cover of a notebook — an arbitrary title — that gave a home to the ideas songwriter Jordan Reynolds had been working on in her spare time. After the band Reynolds had spent the last five years touring with dissolved, she found her pastime project becoming her main focus and passion. With the ample personal time such changes can create, Reynolds channeled her experiences into a six-song collection that celebrates independence and pays homage to a lineage of influencers including Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling, and Jessica Pratt. Rose Hotel’s lush and intimate EP, Always Good Reason, dropped in the late summer of 2017. Now based in Atlanta, GA - Reynolds has joined forces with a crew of local players (Tyler Jundt, John Restivo, Vinny Restivo, Mike Varner), evolving from the solo project of a songwriter cutting her teeth, to the fleshed-out sound of a tight 5-piece indie rock outfit. Rose Hotel is taking new form. Deriving influence from the seventies folk-tinged soft rock of artists like The Carpenters and Carole King, as well as the dark and dreamy tones of modern alt-indie, Rose Hotel is both hushed and roaring, delicate and powerful, and won’t be pigeonholed into your stereotypical “female-fronted indie rock” category. The band plans to release music in 2018.